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How to fix water damaged phone at home without rice?

Welcome to the fruit of the how-to-fix water-damaged phone at home without rice search query in London, Ontario, on Google! Smart Fix staff know that the rice method is nothing but a myth!

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If rice is a myth, how to dry out a phone without rice? In this context, we show you brilliant ways to do it!

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Table of Contents

Drying Process 💦

How to dry wet phone without rice
How to dry wet phone without rice?

After grabbing your phone from the water, take out the case, battery and sim card. Dry them all with a towel or cloth. Do not forget to turn off your phone and remove the components and liquid from your device with a clean cloth before anything else.

  1. Put your device in a container according to its size.

  2. Recommendations such as ready-made couscous and oatmeal may cause their grains to get into your phone. Moreover, you can use synthetic desiccant packs. You do not require to tear open the packets.

  3. Pile them up on your device and let them pull the wetness out. More than one or two packets will be required. You will need enough to cover your phone completely.

  4. Cover it with a drying agent. Pour at least 4 cups (340 grams) of drying agent over your phone!

  5. Let it rest covered for 2-3 days.

  6. Also, you may try Silica gel packs. Fill a plastic zippered bag with it and bury the phone in the bag. The phone should stay there for 1 to 2 days.

  7. Must be remembered: once the drying process is complete, wipe the phone and its components with a clean, lint-free cloth. Wait for the phone to dry thoroughly.

  8. After the waiting period, put the components inside the phone and try to turn it on the phone.

  9. Finally, do not bring any form of electricity (such as a charger plug) with the phone!

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Can Smart Fix London repair wet phone without rice? ↞

Wet phone repair in London, Ontario
Water-damaged phone repair is affordable in London, Ontario, thanks to us!

Of course! Wet smartphone repair services in 777 Dundas Street is one of our areas of expertise. Call us, and get an instant quote now here: 519-601-0835 (0TEK).

Vacuuming Process ✨

Liquid damaged phones
Liquid damaged phones can be made irreparable by wrong methods.

If you have a wet/dry vacuum device, suck the water inside the phone. However, vacuum cleaners can short-circuit your phone. Please be careful or bring your phone to us.

If you do not have a vacuum, an air compressor set to a low PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) will do. A high PSI will damage your phone. Besides, a can of compressed air can be used to extract water from your phone.

Blow the water out of cracks and seams in the phone's exterior.

Do not use a blow dryer or oven. Excessive heat will irreversibly damage your phone.

Does rice fix water-damaged phones?

No. It absorbs water but causes dust and dry starch. It may even break your charging port and headphone jack.

Can you blow-dry a water-damaged phone?

No. The chances of irreparably damaging your phone's components are very high.

How do you remove water from a charging port?

  1. Turn off your phone.

  2. Take the case off.

  3. Remove the battery if possible or visit our store: 777 Dundas Street East, London, ON N5W 2Z6.

  4. Wipe down the device with a dry, spongy towel.

  5. Blow away the excess liquid carefully with compressed air or by carefully blowing on it.

  6. Let it sit and dry out with open ports facing down.

How do you get water out of your phone speakers?

  1. Grab a cotton swab and gently swab the area around the speakers.

  2. Turn the device off and put it upright to dry out, with the speakers facing downward. It will enable excess water to come out.

All things considered, we answered the question of how to fix water damaged phone at home without rice. At Smart Fix, we continuously repair liquid-damaged or wet phones in London, Ontario, at affordable prices.


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