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Free, easy, profitable, wonderful!

How about winning consistently with Smart Fix London? Then look at the campaigns we have carefully prepared for you in summary. These programs are currently inactive!

Rewards Types & Rules

Those who participate in any of these campaigns are deemed to have accepted that Smart Fix London can change the rules at any time and that the right of notification is reserved. Double dipping is prohibited. In this context, you cannot benefit from two or more different campaigns on the same day and at the same time.

Those who are members of at least one of these programs must bring their identity card (ID) with every purchase to benefit from their savings.


Joining these programs is free! All you have to do is fulfill the conditions of the relevant program.

Donation (Exchange)

This is an in-store program.  Should you donate your electronic products and they are deemed eligible for donation by us, you will receive a discount coupon of at least 10%.  The highest limit is 30%. Negotiations are held in-store.

This program is also referred to as Exchange.

Digital Gift Card

This is an in-store program. There are 2 distinctive ways to join. You need to choose only one of the options. Please refer to our Smart Fix London Gift Card Tier List.

Shall you come with 5 points, you will receive a 15% discount for your next purchase on a different day.

Any remaining points will be added to your next digital gift card once your gift card is finished.


Please refer to our list.


This is an in-store program. Introduce your family and friends to us. Let's enjoy the pleasure of serving you and give you a discount of $15 per person via the digital referral card.

You can invite up to 3 people at a time. You can take advantage of this right once a week.

The people you invite also can receive a discount as well as the discount you earn. For this, the individuals you invite should choose one of the ways in the Gift Card section. Otherwise, only you will get the discount.

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