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Loyalty Programs in London, Ontario


  • 2x points on every purchase: When you become a member of the gift card system, the points you earn will be doubled for every purchase.

  • Blank gift card: The version of the card that gives 25% discount with 0 points.

  • Early access right: When a product comes to us, you will be informed immediately before individuals who are not members of our program. Thus, you will be able to purchase the relevant product before anyone else.

  • Exclusive offer: It represents special discounts just for you.

  • Seasonal offer: It represents the delivery of offers prepared for special days or special times to you.

  • Special giveaway: It represents the draws only between the members.


  • Paid subscriptions are for 3 months ($25 dollars per month). The relevant membership must be renewed at the end of the third month.

  • Seasonal events are connected with the depends-on clause. This means this activity can only be held on certain common days of the year.

  • Payments are one-time only.

  • The rights reserved on the Rewards page also apply here. Anyone who participates in this program is deemed to have accepted them.

  • You can increase your membership tier at any time.

  • You can withdraw from a membership at any time.

  • This campaign is currently inactive!

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