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Gift Card campaigns in London, Ontario

What is a gift card?

A gift card is a preloaded payment card that can be utilized for buying goods and services. These cards can be used at specific retailers or multiple stores, such as chains or shopping centers. Gift cards typically come preloaded with funds and can be physical or digital in London, Ontario.

In other words, a gift card is an alternative payment method for retail shops, gas stations, and eateries. Funds are added to the card, which can be spent by the cardholder or the person receiving it as a gift at participating businesses.

Gift cards are a suitable alternative to cash or credit card payments and can make for a thoughtful gift during the holiday season or other special events. They can help manage spending, prevent bank overdrafts, and offer a simple and convenient way to purchase.

Below is a list of gift cards we offer. Shop with us and enjoy the benefits of being a Smart Shopper in London, Ontario.


  1. Amazon: $25 - $500.

  2. Apple.

  3. Cineplex: $50.

  4. Google Play: $15 - $200.

  5. Indigo: $50.

  6. Joker: $25.

  7. Joker: $50.

  8. PlayStation: $25.

  9. PlayStation Store: $50.

  10. PlayStation Plus: $100.

  11. Tim Hortons: $15.

  12. Xbox: $50.

  13. Xbox Live Gold (12 Months): $69.99.

  14. PayPower Master Card: $20 - $500.

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