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Service Pricing


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Diagnostics Labour: from $49.99.

Smart Fix identifies problems in your system via basic diagnostic methods with suggestions for repair. 


Software: $75/hour.

Smart Fix identifies and fixes software problems in a reasonable time.

RECOVERY DISK_edited_edited.jpg

Create Recovery Disk

for a New System: from $69.99.

It includes system recovery USB key, removal of unnecessary software, installation of Windows updates, Microsoft Security Essentials, and free applications.

OS INTALL_edited.jpg

Operating System Installation: from $69.99 (Windows or Mac OS).

It includes installing all drivers and

Windows updates, installation of

Microsoft Security Essentials, removal of unnecessary software.

*OS software is not included!*

DISK DRIVER_edited.jpg

Driver Installation: from $19.99.

It includes installing the missing

driver and updating the latest available driver.

VIRUS REMOVAL_edited.jpg

Virus Removal: from $99.99

Removal of all type of viruses. It also includes Norton or McAfee Antivirus software with the latest updates.

BIOS UPDATE_edited.jpg

BIOS Update: from $49.99.

We update your BIOS to the latest version of it while retaining previous BIOS settings.


Application Installation: from $24.99.

Our staff install individual software (MS Office, Anti-virus, accounting software, or other applications).

EMAIL BACKUP_edited.jpg

Email Backup: from $49.99.

We back up all your emails

and contacts or restore them to your system.

SYSTEM SETUP_edited.jpg

System Setup: from $99.99.

It includes:

Personalized account setup

Windows and driver updates
    Removal of unnecessary software
Creation of recovery media
Software installation

(Subscriptions are not included!)


System Services Labour: from $99.99.

Smart Fix provides a system

dust removal and cleaning services.


System Cloning: from $99.99.

It includes creating a virtual system with the same disk contents, accounts, root passwords, and network interfaces as the original. The storage device for cloning is not included.

ALL-IN-ONE SETUP_edited.jpg

All-In-One Setup / Windows Install: from $99.99

Personalized account setup,
Driver updates

Removal of unnecessary software 

Recovery of current media
Anti-virus/security installation
Data Transfer (up to 2TB)
Software installation without any subscription.


Optical Drive Replacement: $59.99.

USB Port Replacement: $99.99.

Fan Replacement: $119.99.

LCD REPAIR_edited.jpg

Audio Jack Replacement: $99.99.

LCD Cable Replacement: $49.99.


Hardware Replacement & Upgrade

Keyboard Replacement: $99.99. 
Backlit keyboards: $129.99.


Screen Replacement

13" to 15" → $289.99
14" to 15" → $329.99

Full HD 1080p → $329.99
17" → $429.99
17" Full HD 1080p → $459.99

DATA SERVICES LABOUR_edited_edited.jpg

*Hardware is not included!*
*Touchscreen is not included!*

Data Services Labour: from $49.99.

Backup data to external hard drive

Data Backup / Transfer: 1TB, 2TB 3TB.

SYSTEM SETUP (5)_edited_edited.jpg

Refresh System (Imaging) Setup: from $119.99.

Installation of a new hard drive

(Hardware is not included!)

Comprehensive Norton Security virus and malware scan, transfer of all data and settings, and installation of the latest windows.


Drive Replacement: $29.99.

Memory Upgrade$29.99.

DC Jack Replacement: $99.99.


Motherboard Repair: $449.

Please note that only certain

parts on the motherboard

can be repaired.

Smart Fix reserves the right to change the prices it has determined for repair services in London, Ontario.

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