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This branch is in partnership with Smart Fix Ottawa.

Smart Fix is the best way to buy the products you love or yourself. Also, you can evaluate the opportunities via buyback offers for your items as well! We have been serving you for 4 years.

Your local shop offers you accessories, Android software, Android smartphones, computer components, iPhone, iOS software, laptops, Mac, and gaming console maintenance and repair services in London, Ontario.

Need a phone?

Need a fix?

Need an expert?

Call your entrusted store for your tech issues to get immediate service: (519) 601-0835

Purchase brand new & used Apple and Android products

Refurbished iPhones in London, Ontario

Buy quality Apple products

Smart Fix London sells high-quality Apple accessories, refurbished and certified pre-owned iPhones, Macs, tablets and Watch Series. We also provide repair and replacement services for them.

Android phones in London, Ontario

Buy amazing Android products

Smart Fix London sells carefully cleaned, entirely erased and restored to factory settings Android smartphones, accessories and tablets. We also provide repair and replacement services for them.


We can replace your laptop screen, upgrade your hard drive, add memory, network your whole house/office or show you how to use your cell phone properly. We desire to show you why our customers all say, "I LOVE GOING TO SMART FIX LONDON!"

Where are we?

Do you want to benefit from repair services accompanied by premium parts by certified, expert technicians?


We are a locally owned and operated smartphone repair shop specializing in the immediate professional repair of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets for many manufacturers.

Store Number: 519-601-0835.

777 Dundas St

London, ON N5W 2Z6

Laptop repair in London, Ontario

Customers Feedback

Smart Fix Google Review

I highly recommend it. I received efficient and expert advice at an exceptional price. With the insight of the friendly service team, I could trade in a damaged laptop and purchase a high-value MacBook Pro. I will certainly return for my tech needs, and I'd urge you to do the same!

Maddie Moore

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