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Increase your productivity and enjoy a more immersive computing experience with the Logitech Elite Keyboard.


This high-performance keyboard offers enhanced function keys and a sleek, optimized design that brings new levels of efficiency to work, play, and communication.


The keyboard features a comfortable, ultra-flat, and zero-degree-tilt design that reduces strain on your wrists, along with instant access to your email, instant messenger, files, pictures, music, and the web.


You will also enjoy easier navigation between documents, web pages, and applications. The Logitech Elite Keyboard is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, and it comes with a versatile connection cable that works with USB and standard keyboard PS/2 ports.


With easy installation and a software CD included, getting started with this keyboard is a breeze. Upgrade your typing experience and boost your productivity with the Logitech Elite Keyboard today.

Logitech Elite Keyboard

It is on demand.
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