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A soft leather iPad Pro case in London, Ontario is a protective cover made from genuine or synthetic leather designed to fit and protect your 10.5 inch iPad Pro.


These cases are famous for their elegant appearance, durability, and soft touch. They provide a sleek and professional look while protecting against scratches, bumps, and minor falls. Many soft leather cases also feature additional functionalities to enhance the user experience.


Key features of soft leather iPad Pro cases may include:


  • Material: High-quality genuine or synthetic leather is used for a luxurious feel and increased durability.


  • Compatibility: Cases are designed specifically for various iPad Pro models (e.g., 11-inch, 12.9-inch), ensuring a perfect fit and access to all buttons, ports, and cameras.


  • Protection: Leather cases protect the iPad Pro from scratches, dirt, and minor impact damage, while some also include reinforced corners for extra safety.


  • Built-in stand: Many soft leather iPad Pro cases feature a built-in frame that allows the device to be propped up at multiple angles, making it convenient for watching videos, typing, or drawing with the Apple Pencil.


  • Apple Pencil holder: Some cases include a dedicated slot or loop for securely storing and carrying the Apple Pencil.


  • Magnetic closure: A magnetic closure system helps keep the case securely closed, protecting the iPad Pro's screen when not in use.


  • Auto sleep/wake function: Many cases feature a magnetic smart cover that automatically puts the iPad Pro to sleep when closed and wakes it up when opened, saving battery life.


Soft Leather iPad Pro Case (10.5 inch)

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