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A/V Hookups: HDMI 2.1 Port, Upscaled 4K Support


Backwards Compatibility: Xbox One, Xbox 360 games,Xbox One gaming accessories


BlueTooth: Yes (Plus Radio Connection for Controllers)


CPU: 8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.6GHz (3.4GHz with SMT)


Data Transfer Speed (I/O Throughput): 2.4GB/s (Raw)4.8GB/s (Compressed)


External Storage: Seagate Proprietary External 1TB SSD Expansion Card, USB 3.2 HDD Support




GPU: Custom AMD Radeon RDNA 4 Teraflops, 20 CUs at 1.55 GHz - (Supports DirectX Ray Tracing)




Memory Bandwidth: 8GB at 224GB/s,2GB @ 56GB/s


Quick Resume: Support multiple games at once


Storage: 512GB NVME SSD Storage Drive


USB: Front - One Type-A USB & PortRear - 1TB External SSD Slot


Video Output: 1440p, 4K Support through playback or upscaling (120fps)


Web Connection: Ethernet


Xbox Series S (512GB)

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